One Minerals

About us


One Minerals is a Kuhmichel company with its own BFA & WFA factory (JV) and supplies a unique range of minerals (incl. Aerospace grade abrasives). They are fundamental to customer’s production processes.

In our production facility we continuously endeavor to innovate. We connect customer’s requirements to our production facility to develop better performing abrasives. We are proud to be an Aerospace certified supplier and our clients include Rolls Royce, BMW, and Siemens.

At One Minerals we understand purchasing decisions are mostly a trade-off between price and quality. We have simplified the decision for you by strongly focusing on:

A. Product Performance

B. Product Lifetime

C. Specific Industries:

▪ Sandblasting
▪ Refractories
▪ Grinding & Cutting Wheels / Sand Belts
▪ Waterjet Cutting


1. High performing & innovative abrasives

2. Advanced Logistics: Combined loads of
different goods in single containers

3. Competitive and differentiated pricing

4. Flexible manufacturing

5. Product development & expertise…and an attention to details.

Goods, which are directly shipped to clients from factories, are subject to less overhead (inventory) costs, and these savings are passed on to the customer.


Key innovations include:
  1. BFA with exceptional toughness properties without sacrificing hardness.
  2. BFA that reduces grinding wheel production defect ratio's & improves cutting efficiency.
  3. Fine size garnet applied in the waterjet cutting of mobile phone screens.


A number of elements that have enabled us where we are today:
  • 30+ years expertise in the blasting/grinding wheel/abrasives industry.
  • Working with clients (e.g. Fortune 500 companies) in the airline, automotive, and medical industry.
  • Following (and surpassing) industrial standards (e.g. DIN, FEPA).


30+ years ago our company was founded by the Grundei family, now > 100 people create innovations & growth. Our clients we view as our partners; first familiarizing with clients' market needs and challenges, and then developing results & solutions together. lab