One Minerals



Our sandblasting media is suitable for application in the aerospace industry as it meets its stringent requirements. It is applied on surfaces such as nickel-based alloys. Blasted parts include turbine blades, rotor vanes, rotor assemblies, engine components, engine casings, fasteners, bolts and more.


One Minerals’ abrasive grits are widely used in the automotive industry in Europe. They are used in the blasting of different materials, and products such as castings, transmissions parts, suspension parts, engine parts, body parts, etc.


The objective for sandblasting offshore parts and structures is to remove corrosion or mill scale so that a suitable anchor pattern is obtained to ensure optimal bonding of the coating system. Oil platforms sandblasted with our grits help to prevent corrosion caused by harsh marine environments, as well as protect the marine environment around the platforms.


The demanding conditions of high temperature manufacturing require products capable of outstanding performance. Fused White and Brown Alumina from One Minerals are made to carefully controlled chemistries, resulting in the desirable properties of high melting point, large crystal size, and excellent corrosion and erosion resistance. Applications include refractory bricks, castables, cements and pre-cast shapes used in a wide range of industries including iron and steel, glass, cement, petrochemical and incineration.


The properties of One Minerals’ White and Brown Fused Alumina, their hardness, sharp grain shape and toughness make them ideal materials for the manufacturing of a range of abrasive products including wheels, segments, sticks, mounted points, grinding pastes, coated papers and cloths. Manufactured in both macro and micro sizes to international specifications FEPA F and P. this ensures consistency and reproducibility in performance.


One Mineral’s waterjet abrasives combine excellent cutting performance with outstanding economy. High cutting speed and good surface finish are the results of using the cleanest cutting media available. This translates to less downtime due to blocked nozzles or erratic abrasive feed and therefore a more cost-efficient operation.


Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is the fracturing of rock by a pressurized liquid (mining of shale gas). To maintain or slowdown the ‘fracture width’s’ decline, our ceramic proppant is added to the injected fluid.


In the medical device industry our blasting media is used to prepare surfaces of products such as artificial implants, bone screw threads and medical fasteners to improve fatigue life or coating adherence..


In the many different industrial markets our materials are used to treat a huge variety of things such as: tanks, containers, fixtures, sub-assemblies, structural components, fasteners, castings, forgings etc.